There are over 4.4 billion Internet users worldwide. If you look at them collectively as a country, it would indeed be the largest in the world.
With every click on the keyboard, there is content being added to this virtual infinite universe that is being created, trillions of pieces of content get created every day. It is being created in terms of updates, likes, comments, and of course the larger pieces—websites, videos and blogs, among others.
Today, digital content is an integral part of the consumer’s journey, regardless of whether she’s looking for entertainment, information or exchange (EIE). As marketers, the amount of mindspace we are able to occupy is what matters to us.

So here’s how to do that;


It is no secret that consumers trust genuine reviews by real users when making a decision to shop for a product or service. They want to know what influencers or experts have to say about the product. Additionally, they care to know what others like them are saying about the product.

Let’s face it, the consumer is also smart enough to know what is influenced and what is genuine content. There is a big leap that marketers need to take in capturing this genuine feedback and presenting it at the right places in the omnichannel consumer journey where digital touch points have become integral at almost every step.


A resource is the culmination of several ideas and topics that you can use to talk in rich detail around a certain topic. You can reach out to bloggers who linked to similar resources and get a backlink for your site.

It’s easier said than done. Creating a big resource that covers a said topic from head to tail is one of the best ways to gain links. Not only does the content satisfy curiosity it also helps people understand a particular topic in depth. Some resource guides like this one can go 8000 to 10000 words in length.

Another way of creating a resource is by distilling data points inside a well-made infographic. The key is to be creative in your approach.


A data driven post is one of the best ideas to get links going for your site. What’s a data driven post? You could conduct research on a said topic and get people or influencers to share their opinion on the subject with you. Create a few links to it and if it starts ranking you will see a number of natural links for the post.

You could for instance create a stats article. Such posts can result in tons of backlinks to your site.


A free calculator or any other tool can help you get leads, traffic, links and conversions for your business. Think of anything that has practical application for people visiting your blog or business. And then find out creative ways to come up with ideas that you can fashion into tools. With such tools, always set up analytics and do a Google Analytics audit to ensure the number of conversions you are getting.

So are we ready? Maybe not. But it’s time to make the big shift in thinking digital, content-first and omnichannel all through the way.

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