Website marketing strategies help promote your website and increase its traffic. No one is going to question the fact that it is a good strategy. With most (if not all) businesses going online, no one wants to be left behind.

The good news is there are effective methods that work to help increase your website traffic and sales.

We are taking it a step further today and sharing more creative strategies that you may not have thought of or implemented yet!

So, check out  below creative website marketing strategies for entrepreneurs;

Search Engine Optimization

Sure, some might not view using SEO as something actually creative. But in reality, SEO is one of the most creative website marketing strategies there is. Contrary to what many expect, the use of search engine optimization for a website is not really a given.

The truth is that most small businesses with their own websites will not readily use SEO. The reason is because of business owners’ general lack of awareness of SEO and what it does.

SEO can work wonders for any website. It makes it much easier for users who are potential customers to find your website. That also makes finding your products and services easier and faster.

A strong SEO strategy is a guarantee to an increase in traffic, and that is going to happen by making sure that the website appears high in the search results. If a user searches for your product or service using Google, the ideal result is for your website to be in the top three results.

But one thing to keep in mind is that you can’t expect instant results. There is a process involved in SEO, and you need to be patient to get the results you want.

First, learn the basics and know how you can measure your progress. Find out which of your keywords are bringing the most traffic.

Lastly, get to know your target audience and customers by doing proper research on them. Which keywords are they responding to? Which keywords are bringing you closed leads and sales, not just traffic?

Create a Useful Online Tool

One of the chief aims of a good marketer is to get the contact information of prospects. But you want to get it from them voluntarily. That’s the ideal and right way to do it. There can be a backlash in many areas of your marketing strategies if you purchase an email list of people who did not willingly give you their information.

So why not create an online tool that is useful and serves as your way of getting people’s contact information? The trick is in creating a tool that has real benefits for people and something that will interest them.

In marketing, a lot of people refer to this tool as a lead magnet. Lead magnets are basically a “freebie” that would be of value to your target market. They just have to submit their name, email and whatever other information you ask for to get it. A lead magnet could include an ebook, a how-to, a coupon code, a guide, a video, etc. The list goes on.

This is one of the creative website marketing strategies that set your website up for success in capturing leads directly through your site.

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Join Facebook Groups

You want to reach and connect to your audience. But to do that, you need to find them first. Where might they be? Where do potential customers usually hang out online?

Facebook, of course. Or in Facebook groups, to be specific. The great thing about Facebook groups is that there is one for almost every topic you can think of. All you need to do is to join one or several, depending on what you are looking for.

Once you are part of a group, you can look at the discussions that other members have. You get to learn what people are interested in and what they are talking about. Little by little, you get to understand your target audience. When the situation is right, you might even get to join the discussion.

You not only answer the question but also get to promote your website. Simply direct them to it for further answers and enlightenment. If those groups or forums are among the top results in Google, then that translates to increased traffic for your website. Simple, but one of the more creative website marketing strategies for entrepreneurs.

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Add Interactive Content to Set You Apart

You want to spark people’s interest and get them talking about your website. That should be one of your main goals when planning creative website marketing strategies.

Why not add some interactive content to your website to set it apart? You add to your creative website marketing strategies while also connecting with your audience. You have several options to choose from as far as the kind of interactive content that you put on your website. It can be a video, an infographic, or even images.

What’s important is that you choose a type of content that is fun for the users and your specific target market. When the users start having fun with your content, the greater the chances that they are going to share it. More people are going to visit and experience your website, which will lead to more conversions.

Just make sure that your website features robust calls to action and is optimized for conversions. That’s your way of preparing your website for the heightened interest and eventual returns.

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Create Great Website Content

You were probably expecting to see this here sooner or later. Well, here it is. Creating great website content is indeed one of the best creative website marketing strategies for entrepreneurs.

To be honest, only a few websites have great written content. A lot are just getting by with content that is just “okay,” and you wouldn’t want to emulate that.

What you would like to have on your website is a copy that not only catches people’s attention but also gets them to act.

Creating great content can’t be a one or two-time event either. You need to produce it continuously and consistently. Always review your website. But do so while having your target audience in your mind.

What is going to catch their eye? What will hold their attention? What will give them value? What will convince them to stay and make a purchase?

Once you get their full attention, then you can really get down to business, meaning, you can start selling them what you have to offer, whether it is a product or a service.

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Take Advantage of Existing Frameworks

Successful creative website marketing strategies do not require you to be overly fancy. There is no real need for a website to be too intricate or complex, especially if it is for a small business or start-up. This is true for most, if not all, small businesses. The key is that you know the purpose of your website in the first place.

Knowing what it is to be used for and how it is to be used should be your foundation moving forward. All that your website needs to contain at this point are the company’s background information, contact details, and a blog. Adding something like a subscription service is entirely optional. Be smart and take advantage of any framework that you are already using. If your website is on WordPress, then maximize its use to make your site faster and more accessible.

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Create a Great FAQ Page

What business wouldn’t want to have and execute a top-of-the-funnel marketing strategy? So what you would want to do is to create a great FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. There are several benefits to doing this particular method that differs from other creative website marketing strategies.

First of all, you provide a great service to your website visitors.

Second, you treat them with a satisfying and informative experience. It provides a level of transparency that creates a bridge of trust between your brand and your target market.

Gaining their trust is the key to turn them from a potential customer to an actual customer.

Obviously, users who visit your website has one common reason why they do so – because they want answers to their questions about your brand. And marketers usually answer these questions by writing a blog post about it or including it in the web page content.

However, users now want answers in a simpler, faster way. And that’s where FAQs page comes in. This is where interested customers are most likely to hang around if they want to learn more about what you offer.

So be sure to provide clear, honest answers and give additional resources (such as blog posts link), if possible.

And then there are Google’s featured snippets.

The search engine results page feature is gaining prominence and importance, so you want your FAQ page to be in there. Our point here is that a great FAQ page can positively impact your organic search traffic. This is especially the case for top-of-the-funnel searches. You get noticed and eventually qualify in the feature. Putting some of your industry’s most important questions in a list and then answering them is your ticket to be included.

And of course, this qualifies as a worthy addition to your list of creative website marketing strategies.

Optimize the Use of Images

People love speed. The faster your website loads, the better. So since that’s the case, why not use that as part of your creative website marketing strategies?

Speed up your website and people are more likely to flock to it and more importantly stay on it.

A fast website translates to visitors staying longer and clicking more pages as they explore what your site and your brand have to offer. One of the ways to speed up your site is by optimizing your images. There are several tools available to accomplish this.

An important reminder here is to keep the size of your images small. The larger the size of the image, the longer it takes to load, and you do not want that. Aside from getting the thumbs-up from your site visitors, fast page speed is also highly favored by Google.

This also counts as an SEO boost, although the main benefit is getting your site to rank high in search engine results.

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Use Engaging Videos

Want to be creative? Then use videos! But making and using a video is too easy. What you want to do is to create and use engaging videos as one of your creative website marketing strategies.

How do you do this exactly? By partnering the engaging videos with your blogs. There are several ways to do this, but here are two of the best ones:

  • You can simply choose to base your videos on your blog’s written content.
  • You can choose to record a conversation on video that is not based on any of the written blogs that you have on your website.

As for where to host your video, you also have a multitude of choices. You can do it on YouTube, Vimeo, or any other similar site. After you are done with your video, you can simply embed it on your website.

Be a Contributing Writer

There are few better ways to express one’s creativity than writing. So if you are looking for an addition to your creative website marketing strategies, writing is a great option. To be precise, you can be a contributing writer if you want a strategy that works for entrepreneurs like yourself.

But if you do decide to be a contributing writer as a way to promote your website, you first need to be an expert in your field. Reach out to other writers or reporters in your field to see if they are willing to accept your writing piece.

Don’t be afraid to ask publications or reporters if they want to use what you wrote.

It wouldn’t hurt to ask them, and if they see that you wrote something useful and informative, then you have accomplished what you set out to do. This gets your name and business noticed, and you can direct people back to your website in the piece.

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In a nutshell, are you a start-up, or are you an established business that has experienced success before? Regardless of your business’s status, your website is an essential element. Your website is more than just a place to showcase pretty pictures and exciting videos. It can accelerate your growth and reach.

Apply the creative website marketing strategies for entrepreneurs that we have listed and see what will work for you and your site.