Etsy offers a comprehensive e-commerce platform and payment system on which individuals can sell products. As of October 2019, there is no setup fee to open an Etsy shop.

Etsy has more than 1.7 million active sellers worldwide selling items, from clothing to crafts to tech accessories. You could certainly conclude that Etsy has something for everyone. That’s a good thing, because, with some 27 regular million buyers, the audience is huge.

The site may have a folksy, homespun image, but Etsy entrepreneurs need to be thoroughly professional. Many types of shops can do well on this peer-to-peer e-commerce powerhouse—provided they have a product that fills a gap in the growing Etsy market and they know how to sell it;

How to Start an Etsy Home Business

Setting up an Etsy home business is quick and easy using the following steps:

Determine what you are going to sell

If you are crafty and considering Etsy, you probably already have items in mind you want to sell. If you are not sure, visit Etsy to see all the creative goods being sold, including marketing swag, jam, jewelry, and more. Some people sell crafting supplies instead of finished goods. It’s probably best to start with a single type of item instead of a hodgepodge of them for easier marketing and organization as you get started. As your Etsy business grows, so too can your offerings.

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Set up your Etsy account

Creating an Etsy account starts with selecting a username. Consider using a name that represents what you want to sell, while also keeping it open enough to expand your product line in the future. Next, fill in the account setup fields that Etsy asks for. Don’t forget to read all the terms of service and policies.

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Set up and stock your Etsy shop

Once your store is set up, you will need to add your products. Make sure you take high-quality photos and provide enticing descriptions of your items. Price your items in such a way that you have covered the cost of your supplies, as well as the time it took for you to create them and the fees you incur to list and ship them.

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When an item sells, pack it up and send it quickly

Like eBay, Etsy buyers can leave reviews about you as a seller and the quality of the product. For the best ratings, provide professional customer service that includes information about how quickly the item is shipped and a way for the customer to get in touch with you if there is a problem.

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Having a successful Etsy business is about balancing the time it takes to create your goods and selling them. If you can have a steady supply of in-demand products to keep your Etsy store stocked, you can build a successful home-crafting business.