Twitter may not have the reputation for being as business-focused as LinkedIn or have the audience size of Facebook, but it’s one of the most underrated and misunderstood social networks among professionals and businesses. Anyone looking to grow their brand and find new clients should be able to get value out of Twitter.

In particular, the following two overlooked aspects of Twitter help make it one of the best platforms for any type of company to improve their marketing:

Twitter is a real-time search engine

Perhaps more than any other platform, Twitter is plugged into the present. The short-form, written nature of the content on Twitter means that people are constantly sharing what they think about TV shows, conferences, product launches, etc., literally as they are happening.

From a marketing point of view, you can use Twitter to gauge market sentiment and find new clients by searching for keywords and phrases relevant to your brand or industry. 

You can also see what customers have to say about your brand or competitors and use that information to grow.

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Choose the right profile picture

Your profile picture is often the first thing consumers will notice about your brand. Your profile pictures will appear in two locations —on your profile page and on individual Tweets. Make sure the image will be easy to view on both large laptop screen and small mobile devices. Try using your brand’s logo rather than your brand’s name for a clean, simple look.

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Stay current

Whether you Tweet about the upcoming holiday or your local sports team’s recent win, show your followers that you’re aware of the world outside your own brand. Stay in-the-know about trending memes or recent news, and provide your brand’s unique perspective. Looking for relevant events to Tweet about?

Proofread your Tweets

When drafting Tweets, always take a step back and proofread for typos and spelling. Part of building a reputation is building trust and rapport with consumers.

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Be positive

Regardless if your brand is funny, smart, cool, or even sassy, it’s important to be positive. Encourage participation, thank customers for following you, and share the difference your brand can make in their lives.

You don’t need a large following to be effective

The real-time nature of Twitter, along with the fact that you can see and respond to any public conversations, means that you don’t need a large (or any) following to be effective. On LinkedIn and Facebook, your ability to interact with others through a brand channel is limited, whereas on Twitter you can more easily engage directly with potential clients you find when searching for relevant conversations.

Your content can also be discovered by anyone if you use the right keywords and hashtags. And all it takes is one retweet or response from someone with a significant following in order for your post to quickly be seen by a far larger audience than your follower count might indicate.

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So instead of aiming to rack up followers, focus on being present and active in conversations where you can demonstrate your thought leadership, provide value to potential clients, and ultimately improve your brand reputation and awareness.

These are just a few of the many ways that Twitter can be a gold mine for marketers and other professionals looking to grow their brands.