Did you recently take the step of starting a new business?

As exciting as this may be, it’s only natural to feel a bit of fear in the early days as a small business owner. With so many unanswered questions, you may be concerned as to what will happen next.

Add in the fact that competition is heating up with each passing year, and you may soon be questioning your decision to branch out on your own especially when battling it out for search engine optimization, email campaigns, click to tweets, conversion rates, and content creation. It’s a whole other world and it takes a lot of work.

But don’t let any doubt creep into your mind. Instead, it’s time to take control, establish a plan to reach your target audience, and put your business on the right path to success.

Listed below are top online marketing tools that can benefit your small business.

Google Analytics

From day one, you know that one of the best ways to grow your small business is through organic traffic. The more the better.

But don’t overlook the fact that there is more to this than the number of visitors. Sure, you want to push as much traffic as possible to your website, but you should also take the time to learn more about your visitors and target audience.

Using a tool like Google Analytics allows you to answer questions such as:

  • What keywords are driving the most traffic to your website?
  • How much success are you having with social media?
  • In what parts of the world do your visitors live?
  • How long are people staying on your website?
  • Which pages are most popular?

You should install Google Analytics on day one, as this tool can help you answer all these questions among many others.

As a small business owner, this data can teach you a lot about the way people are finding and interacting with your website.

You can drill down even deeper, such as by clicking on the organic search link.

And that’s just the start.

The only way to fully realize the power and potential of Google Analytics is to install the tracking code and spend some time poking around. Soon enough, you will see how this is one of the best online marketing tools that can help you accelerate the growth of your business and tweak your digital marketing strategy.


With approximately 350,000 customers spanning nearly 200 countries, GetResponse is one of the biggest names in the email campaign and email marketing service industry.

However, there is much more to GetResponse than its email  campaign and marketing tools. As of late, the company has become an all-in-one digital marketing platform, giving users the ability to tackle a variety of tasks and easily automate many day-to-day marketing activities.

While email campaigns will always be a big part of the pie, you can also use GetResponse to:

  • Conduct webinars.
  • Create landing pages.
  • Track visitor behavior.
  • Review website analytics
  • Edit images.
  • Conduct online surveys
  • Email automation and analytics
  • Set autoresponders to match customer behavior.

Businesses of all types can use the platform, but it’s best for those that are interested in a simple and effective solution. With its attractive interface, friendly onboarding process, and top of the line customer support, it remains a favorite of new small business owners who are interested in accelerated growth.

There are many digital marketing platforms to consider, making it a challenge for new business owners to decide on a direction. Fortunately, when you turn your attention to GetResponse, you will be in good hands from the start. With a combination of affordable pricing and superb quality, it’s a great option for many businesses.

Yoast SEO

Is your website built on the WordPress platform? Do you have a strong interest in search engine optimization?

If you answered yes to these questions – just the same as many others – you don’t want to overlook the power of the Yoast SEO plugin.

It really is that simple to use and is sure to boost your marketing efforts. Once you download the plugin, everything will begin to come together. You are presented with a variety of options, while also being asked for some key information regarding your site.

Best yet, if you don’t know what you are doing, you can rely on the plugin to give you professional advice. This is perfect for new businesses that don’t know much about search engine optimization.

There are many top level features of this plugin, with one of my favorites being the Page Analysis functionality.

With this, the plugin checks for all those details that you are sure to overlook from time to time. This goes a long way in ensuring that every page and post is optimized for the search engines.

As a free digital marketing plugin, you don’t have anything to lose. Install Yoast SEO on day one, explore the dashboard, and see what it can do for your website. You will probably find that it’s exactly what you need from a search engine optimization perspective.

Hello Bar

Findings by digital experts revealed that over 100,000 websites are using Hello Bar.

This alone should give you a better idea of what it brings to the table when it comes to digital marketing. But don’t let others dictate what you do.

You should personally learn more about why this is one of the best online marketing tools and how it can help accelerate the growth of your success as a new small business owner.

You can give Hello Bar a try by simply visiting the homepage.

From there, you’re presented with a piece of code to add to your website. Once it’s verified, you’re off and running.

While it always helps to experiment with the backend, let’s take the time right now to see what types of features are available:

  • Email collection
  • Sliders
  • Popups
  • Top and bottom bars
  • Custom designs
  • Templates

These are some of the most popular features, but there are others for you to experiment with as well.