A clear, healthy and blemish free skin is very important. The following are some symptoms of blemishes on the skin.

Identifying the cause of a blemish is the best way to keep it off permanently.

This allows you to give it the right treatment and helps you prevent it from recurring. These are things you must pay attention to;-


Hormones play a role in acne in teenage years and beyond.Acne can be caused by hormonal imbalance  during pregnancy, Monthly Cycle, Menopause and as a result of some birth control methods.

Hormonal imbalance also increases oil secretion leading to clogged pores and then acne.

Excess Oil

Pores can get clogged as a result of excess oil secretion by the oil producing gland if the excess oil is controlled with the use of a toner and  mask.

Excess oil also makes the skin attract so much dirt that settle on the skin and thereafter clog the pores if proper and consistent skincare regimen is not practiced. When exposed to the sun without protection , the outermost layer of the skin can be darkened  and thickened as well.

Oily skin holds on to dead skin cells so tightly, if this accumulates, the complexion becomes dull. Consistent exfoliation is require to prevent this.


Hormones change as we age and this could trigger excess oil secretion.
So when we do not expect Women from fifty upwards to have oily skin and acne, hormonal imbalance as a result of aging can trigger it.


Our skin gives back to us what we feed it. We can improve the look and feel by feeding it right.

Excess intake of chocolates, carbohydrates. fried foods, alcohol, salt and caffeine can trigger acne.

Nutritional Supplements  will go a long way to help nourish inside-out to prevent blemishes. Caution however is required, so I advise you consult your doctor before taking some supplements especially if there’s a health condition.

Lack of personal hygiene

Hygiene is the practice that helps people to be fit and stay healthy.
Personal  hygiene does not only  help prevent  illness and diseases but also help the skin look its best.

Good personal  hygiene includes ;-
– thoroughly and regularly washing of the body . This inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria in the skin. Though the presence of bacteria in the body may be harmless, excess of it is a threat to one’s health and appearance.
– taking off makeup and washing the entire body before going to bed daily.
– ensuring that anything that touches the skin is clean always- your makeup applicators, towels, handkerchief, bedsheets, pillowcases, sunglasses, fingernails.
– keeping your skincare products in good condition and protecting it from getting contaminated.
– washing or sanitizing  your hands before dipping inside skincare products
For every blemish, there is a cause, so focus your attention on the cause, adopt a habit if required, get treatment and stay blemish-free.

These products that I am recommending to you contain 100% Aloe Vera and  they will make you look good with self confidence as you use them on your skin.

1)  Cleanser

You cannot rely on your bathing soap to help unclog your pores and get rid of all the dirt accumulated underneath the skin.

Only a cleanser does this effectively. Relying only on the bathing soap is the reason lots of people today battle with recurring acne.

The cleanser must be used twice daily, every morning at night whether or not you wear makeup. Some have thought cleanser is only for those that wear makeup.

But NO, the skin gets dirty whether or not makeup is applied on it and only a Cleanser will do a proper cleansing.It can either be in liquid form or cream form.

2)  Toner

This helps to tighten the pores to control the oil on the outermost of the skin. Its used after the cleanser . I recommend for everyone that has an oily skin. And i strongly advice you use a non-alcoholic type. The preferred  active ingredient in a toner is witch-hazel.

 3)  Scrub

It is advised to stick to not more than twice weekly when using these products.There’s a way the skin feels immediately afterwards. I love the instant Glow, the smoothness and softness.
These are all the benefits you get from using a scrub.
Contrary to the opinion that scrub is only used on the face, it can also be used on all parts of the body.

4)  Moisturizer

After all the washing, this skin must be moisturized, This is what nourishes the skin.This is what the skin depends on for food topically. This is what keeps the skin alive, glowing and healthy.This can determine the look and feel of your skin, it can also enhance your complexion.Fingers, Feet, Face and Neck are the Parts of my Body that should be concentrated on.
They are the parts that require the most attention. They are ALWAYS  exposed and very susceptible to Environmental Hazards and aging.These parts for most People don’t also have enough Sebaceous Gland to supply it Oil and keep it supple. So they can age quicker than other parts if not adequately cared for.Consistent use of these products will not only clear the blemish but also prevent the blemish from reoccurring.

5) Epiblanc

This is an exclusive formula specially designed to brighten the complexion and even the skin tone. It helps to diminish the appearance of dark spots  naturally. Contains 100% stabilized Aloe Vera combined with few other natural botanical extracts and Vitamin E.

R3 Factor

This is a very powerful product that clears all dark spots on the body and naturally even-tones the skin. It retains, restores and renews a healthy-looking glow with a valuable combination of aloe vera, collagen and vitamins to maintain a healthy skin tone and texture. Contains AHAs to naturally exfoliate the build up of daily dead skin cells. Use beneath your favourite aloe moisturiser.Superb combination of powerful antioxidantsEnhances elasticityNormalizes and balances dry skinSuitable for even the most sensitive skinIdeal for almost every situation that requires topical application of natural antioxidants

Bath GeleeThis unique liquid soap relaxes and refreshes the body. It helps to remove dead skin cells, leaving your body clean and really refreshed.Cost of getting these products?Question is how much can you pay to get the better, clearer and healthier skin that you deserve?



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