If you have dry eye syndrome, your eyes don’t produce enough tears or you are not able to maintain a normal layer of tears to coat your eyes. As a result, your eyes cannot eliminate dust and other irritants. This can lead to the following symptoms in your eyes:

  • stinging
  • burning
  • pain
  • redness

See your doctor right away if you have dry eyes and a sudden increase in discomfort or a sudden decrease in your ability to see.

Reading extensively, working on the computer, or spending long hours in a dry environment may further aggravate your eyes if you have this condition.

If you have dry eye syndrome, your eyes may also be prone to bacterial infections or the surface of your eyes may become inflamed, causing scarring on your cornea.

Although it’s uncomfortable, dry eye syndrome almost never causes permanent vision loss.

Home Care remedy

Below are some ways you could fight dry eye syndrome at home;

Take Vitamin D

Deficiency of Vit D can be one of the dry eye causes. Include Vitamin D in your diet through foods such as egg yolks, walnuts, fatty fish like salmon or tuna, nuts and seeds, if you want to escape the dry eye problem.


You need a well-balanced diet with enough protein and vitamins to keep your eyes healthy.

Omega-3 essential fatty acid supplements are sometimes recommended to enhance the oil content of the eye.

Usually, people need to take these supplements regularly for at least three months to see an improvement.

Have Adequate Sleep

Long study hours and work hours can disrupt sleep which can play havoc with your eyes. Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest dry eye causes. That is why sleeping for 6-8 hours a day should be treated as necessary as it helps retain the moisture on the cornea.

Drink Fluids

This is one of the natural treatment for dry eyes. Drink Water or fluids like lime water, coconut water, fresh fruit juices and homemade smoothies to fight the problem of dry eyes.

 Warm Compress

To enhance relaxation, use a warm compress on your eyes. Do it twice or thrice a day. You can even use a baby shampoo or mild shampoo to wash your eyelids. This helps release the oil in the tear glands.

Artificial Tears/ Eye drops

Eye drops that increase your eye moisture are among the most common treatments for dry eye syndrome. Artificial tears also work well for some people.

If you tend to have dry eyes, use a humidifier to increase moisture in the room and avoid dry climates.

Limit your contact lens wear and the time you spend in front of the computer or television.

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