Brassiere, or bra for short, is a contraption that was invented to hold up and support the woman’s breasts.

Well, not all bras are the same- different bra styles serve different purposes.

Here are 5 bras that every woman needs in her closet:

The padded bra

This bra should be the number one bra in your closet. The padded bra is perfect for everyday wear and the best part, they shield your nipple from having unauthorized ascension.

If luck is on your side, you found an amazing padded bra, go right ahead and buy all the colours available.

Because she (the bra) is very comfortable and we do not take comfort for granted. Moreover she holds up the ladies nice.

The sports bra

The sports bra was intended to be used for sporting activities i.e. rigorous exercise that will shake up the ladies(boobs) unnecessarily. These bras are tight and made of breathable material which makes them perfect when you are sweating. Although quite tight, they are remarkably comfortable.

The plus side of the sports bra is that she (again, the bra) can be worn as part of a normal outfit even when exercise is not being conducted. These days they come in a myriad of colours that would complement any outfit.

The push- up bra

This bra is a must-have for any woman. The push up is meant to do exactly that, push up your boobs to the heavens and finish whoever is fortunate enough to have their eyes land on the Lord’s treasures.

The push up comes in different levels of intensity: the slight push up (sweet and slightly flirtatious), the regular push up (boobs sit up in a manner that contradicts gravity but it is oh so beautiful), the big mama aka did not come to play push up).

This bra causes a traffic go slow, the clock spins backwards, the waves lose motion, the weather gets altered, humanity is confused.

The strapless bra

This bra is essential when wearing strapless dress or outfit. Do not fear the lack of strap, the underwire in this bra reinforces security and support. They hold up your boobs just fine. If you find yourself struggling to keep it in place, you’re wearing the wrong size.

But the right fitting strapless bra can change up your whole outfit for the better. The beauty is that some bras have detachable straps, a two in one special.

The plunging bra

This bra is essential if you are one who loves plunging necklines and backs. It was crafted to hold up the ladies with ease all while not being visible.

They blend into the outfit effortlessly and if one is not familiar, they will claim it to be witchcraft. The colours vary to cater to your plunging dress needs.