You have carry out your research, You have launched your blog. You have written new contents. And now, you have pressed “Publish” on your latest WordPress blog content.

Now what is next?

Too many business owners see publishing their content as the final step in the process, but the reality is that pressing ‘Publish’ is just the beginning. In fact, some experts suggest spending as much as 80% of your time promoting your content, compared to the 20% you spent writing and publishing it.

If you have been guilty of publishing without promoting in the past, it is time to improve your promotion game. Here are some steps to take every time you hit ‘Publish’:

Update Links In Past Posts

Another smart SEO step is to go back to old content on your site that’s relevant to your new content and add a link to your latest post.

For instance, if you’re in the health and fitness space, and you’ve published a new tutorial on getting six-pack abs, linking to your new content from past posts on exercise routines will improve the SEO of your new piece while also making it easier for readers who enter your site through your old content to find your latest contributions.

Check Your SEO

Writing content for specific keywords is so vague, but that does not mean you should ignore SEO entirely.

While it is no longer appropriate to follow strict optimization schedules, take a few moments after you’ve published your content to ensure it meets today’s best practices.

Email Your List

Remember, your website’s readers won’t automatically know you’ve published new content. And since they likely don’t check your site every day, the fastest way to alert them to your new post is to send out an email blast to your list.

You can do this manually, but many email marketing list providers also offer opportunities to automatically notify your readers whenever new content goes live.

Share Your Post Socially

Sharing your posts socially is one of the most obvious post-publishing promotion steps, but did you know that it’s not a good idea to automatically share the same update across all of your different profiles?

Craft new content for every channel you’re active on. It’s the only way to drive real engagement and to prevent the auto-posting mistakes that could cost you customers.

Submit Your Blog Post to Industry Communities

Another way to get eyeballs on your content is to place it in a location those eyeballs visit frequently – in this case, industry communities.

Reddit has always been popular for this purpose, though you’ll need to watch out for that community’s sensitivity to self-promotion. Alternatively, look for other industry-specific forums, message boards, Facebook Groups and other community sites serving your niche.

Reach Out to Influencers

The subject of influencer marketing has grown over the past year or two, but it’s built on a simple premise: if you can get an influencer to share your content or product, you’ll build your own audience faster by leveraging their follower reach.

Update Your Content

This isn’t a strict promotional technique, per se, but it is an important part of ensuring your content remains engaging – and thus, promotable – over the long-run.

Have you ever clicked through to a blog post – eager to read its recommendations – only to realize that the content is several years out-of-date? When visitors encounter dated content on your site, they may be less likely to trust your current articles – let alone share them virally with others.

For these reasons, it’s a good idea to periodically review your old articles for outdated content. This doesn’t need to be complicated – once a quarter, you could audit your top 10-20 pieces of content (according to Google Analytics) and make any necessary updates.