Email marketing can be used to:

  • Distribute relevant content
  • Contact customers
  • Deliver company news
  • Promote a discount or a sale
  • Introduce a new product or service
  • Update customers on industry trends
  • And so much more

Considering 80% of retail professionals state email marketing is the greatest driver of customer retention and a high percentage of B2B marketers note email as their most effective revenue generation channel, email marketing is booming. As a whole, 74 trillion emails (and counting) are sent each day!

And yet, marketers still make embarrassing email marketing blunders. Even with powerful email marketing tools and platforms, it’s all too easy to make a mistake.

To avoid embarrassing yourself and your brand, do not make these email marketing mistakes listed below again.

Broken Email Designs

Have you ever received an email newsletter, only to find it didn’t appear correctly? Without fail, broken email design and functionality continues to be the top email marketing mistake made by all.

Company emails need to appear presentable and function properly across all email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Apple Mail, and more. If not, your brand reputation and marketing goals are at stake as readers unsubscribe or mark your emails as spam.

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Only Sending Discounts and Promotions

Are you sending your subscribers discount after discount with no end in sight? If so, you may be overwhelming and annoying your customers.

While promotional emails have a purpose, follow the 80/20 rule. This rule states that 80% of your content should be informative, entertaining, and valuable while the remaining 20% is sales-related. Instead of oversaturating your subscribers with promotions, send them content that adds value to their lives.

Sending Too Many or Too Few Emails

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On top of finding the right content to send, you must also determine the best frequency for your email marketing efforts. Another mistake marketers often make is sending too many or too few emails to their subscribers.

Inundating your audience with email after email leaves them annoyed and more likely to unsubscribe. On the opposite end of the spectrum, too few emails leads to a lack of brand recognition from your audience. Meaning, they’ll forget why they signed up for your emails in the first place and ignore or unsubscribe from your emails.

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Not Segmenting Subscriber Lists

Have you ever received an email from a company that didn’t apply to you? This mistake was likely the result of a non-segmented email subscriber list.

Segmenting your entire list of subscribers into smaller, categorized lists allows you to send relevant and timely information to leads and current customers. Email marketing automation software can help you segment these lists and deliver the information subscribers want at a particular point in the buying cycle.

Failing to Include a Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) refers to marketing copy which entices a person to take a specific action.

Failing to include a call to action in a marketing email is another common mistake. When creating an email marketing campaign or message, always think about the action you want readers to take.

Do you want them to learn more about a product? Read your latest blog post? Reply for more information? Whatever it is you want your audience to do, tell them! If you forget, you’ll have a hard time achieving your goal as you leave readers wondering what to do next.

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Calls to action don’t need to be forceful, intrusive, or over the top. Rather, CTAs should be naturally incorporated into an email button, image, or copy.

Not Analyzing Email Marketing Data

After every email marketing campaign you send, you must analyze the data. From the click-through rate to the delivery rate, every metric plays an important factor in the direction of future campaigns. This information can highlight what’s working, what needs to be fixed, and how customers are reacting to your messages. Ignoring this data is a detrimental mistake and can lead to a loss of subscribers and critical marketing resources.

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