Young woman brushing hair

Using all those expensive hair care products doing no good to keep your hair from falling? Tired of collecting hair strands scattered all over the floor and your clothes? Possibilities are you are looking in the wrong direction to catch hold of the right reasons for the chunks of hair falling off your scalp.

On an average we lose around 80 strands a day, which is considered normal. But when you start noticing a higher volume of hair shedding daily and your hair do not seem to go back, then its time you look for other factors affecting your health.

Hormonal change all throughout our life our hormones fluctuate causing a list of physiological changes. Hormone fluctuation especially during pregnancy and childbirth can considerably contribute to hair loss. Thyroid imbalances, menopause, etc. are other few possible reasons for the increased hair fall.

Lack of sleep

Sleep deprivations or absence of required hours of sleep can lead to hair loss. It affects your overall health and increases the susceptibility to conditions like insomnia, narcolepsy, which gradually may end up in baldness.


Our current lifestyles are taking a toll on our physical and mental health. The piles of stress have left our bodies out of balance and damaged by several health complications such as a headache to cardiovascular diseases. Stress induced individuals experience severe hair fall. Stress shocks you hair cycle pushing more hair into the hair shedding phase.

Hair styling tools

From using a hair straightening iron to blow drying your hair daily contribute massively in that hair you are losing. The constant exposure to heat, especially right after washing your hair (when your hair is extremely prone to breakage), leaves your hair damaged. Rather than styling daily, embrace the natural texture of your hair before the damage goes beyond repair.


Women in comparison to men experience hair loss in a uniform pattern i.e. all over the scalp. Where as men tend to lose hair in a distinctive pattern like the receding hair line. Men also suffer from auto-immune conditions which is also thought to be responsible for increasing the susceptibility of increased hair loss. Well I guess, blame it on your genes.