Did you know that sex is a consummate beauty enhancer? Did you ever imagine that hitting the bed with your partner can have plenty of health perks? Have you ever thought that sex can make you look radiant? Well, apart from giving you pleasurable experience, sex has plethora of benefits. From keeping your wrinkles at bay to boosting collagen, sex does it all for you.

A new study published in the Psychological Science has revealed that having frequent sex sessions can make you look more attractive and appealing. Leaving behind all the beauty products and procedures to shame, sex gives you the glow and beauty which you always wanted. The hormones released during the sexual intercourse are the ones that perform real magic.

Apart from enhancing beauty, it also keeps you away from any toxic thought. We know that you are much more intrigued now to know about the benefits of having sex. So, here are they.

Keeps wrinkles at bay

Though, wrinkles are an inevitable part of ageing skin, people are becoming prone to it due to some lifestyle changes including pollution, drinking, smoking, and less sleep. Here, sex acts like a saviour. The hormones released during sexual intercourse help your skin to be more elastic and free of wrinkles.

Makes your skin glow

Estrogen hormone produced during sex helps your skin become luminous. Also, you sweat a lot during your sexual performance and this helps in flushing out toxins from your skin pores, making your skin glow.

Acts as a natural breast enhancer

According to doctors, during sex, your breasts swell up to 25 per cent. And, frequent sexual intercourse can make them permanently big and attractive.

Reduces stress

At the point of orgasm, a huge dose of oxytocin hormone gets released. This hormone wipes out the stress hormone known as cortisol from your body making you stress free.

Boosts collagen

Doing sex increases the collagen levels in you body. Collagen is found in our skin which helps keep it elastic and young. Also, doing sperm facial can give a rejuvenating glow to it. Notably, semen is rich in antioxidants that prevents your skin from ageing when applied regularly.