Aloe lips contains jojoba.

Skin problems are a great issue with all of us and every Indian girl suffers from one or the other skin issue in her life at some point of time due to our eating habits, environment etc.

Many of us face some embarrassing skin problems that we hate to talk about, even with the dermatologist. But this is not the solution girls. The conditions may get worse and would trouble you later. So let’s break the barrier and talk about them.


It doesn’t just affect young people. Acne is a frustrating problem for adults as well. Humidity, stress, diet, sweating and bad hygiene can cause acne. A lot of treatments are out there but we recommend beginning with a healthy diet, good hygiene habits (wash your face daily), and coming in for regular facials to deep clean your pores as you remove the impurities from your skin. If you’re lost when it comes to the best products for your face, we will recommend what will work for your skin type. Just ask! The spa team is well-versed on the products we offer!


It’s estimated that over 30 million Americans have eczema, and it’s often much more than just a frustrating patch of skin. It can be itchy, and scratching can cause more problems like swelling, redness, cracking, oozing and overall unsightly skin. It is so important to keep skin moisturized with the right products and also to try to address the cause of eczema. Unfortunately, many doctors simply treat the symptoms, opting for prescription treatments instead of looking into the root cause. We can help you combat these irritations and find your way to soothing, silky skin.


Rosacea’s trademark is redness. Red cheeks, red nose and red chin. This inflammatory skin disease is frustrating and worsens if left untreated. It’s important to address factors that might trigger flares such as the sun, certain foods, and products with skin-disagreeable ingredients.


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Ah, we’ve all had that moment where we’ve looked in the mirror to confront bright, angry skin glaring back at us. Sunburn is no joke and it hurts like heck! It’s also damaging to your skin and can lead to future problems. The number one measure you can take, of course, is preventing potential damage with sunscreen. The next best thing for a sunburn is Vitamin E cream, which helps to repair your skin after a burn. If you’ve been scorched multiple times in the past and have sun-damaged skin or sun spots now, we can use several different treatments as remedies. When you’re ready, let’s walk through a complimentary consultation of your options!


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This is the evidence of aging that none of us will escape: wrinkles! And what’s the number one cause of wrinkles? Cigarettes! Put an end to smoking today, for your skin and for innumerable other reasons. You can prevent wrinkles by using a moisturizer daily, wearing sunscreen and taking care of your skin to keep it healthy. To find out more about revitalizing skin and reducing wrinkles, let’s discuss the treatments tailored specifically to wipe out your pesky wrinkles.

Give yourself some love and self-care by addressing these skin concerns. 

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