Migraines are severe headaches that cause throbbing in one particular area of the head. Symptoms that come along with these vicious headaches include nausea and sensitivity to light, these symptoms may vary in intensity depending on the person. Although researchers are not completely certain on what causes migraines, many believe migraines involve complications with brain chemicals and nerve pathways. Omitting the past belief that migraines are caused by constricted blood vessels in the head, The Migraine Research Foundation has stated that they believe migraines are a collection of severe neauroligical symptoms.

Migraines are unfortunately heredity, so it is important for families to know how to manage their migraines, if it does happen to be in their genes.If either parent gets migraines there is a 50-75% chance that their child will as well.  Families may be able to target who inherited the migraine gene by talking about family member’s past history with migraines. Understanding how others helped ease the pain of their migraines, may aid victims for their future head aches. This may also help victims be alert and aware as to what triggers these severe head aches as well as what symptoms come along with them. Those living with the trouble of migraine are also encouraged the keep a headache diary that includes triggers and symptoms along with the consistency of their migraines.

While putting all these to consideration, there are natural products and supplements that Migraine victims can embrace to put to check the severeness of migraine pain.  


Doctors may suggest supplements for treating migraines. Physicians may suggest certain supplements based on the root cause of the migraine headaches. That means patients may choose to consume one supplement over another based on medications someone is taking, a person’s medical history and the effectiveness of supplementation.



According to recent studies, migraines may be brought on by a lack of magnesium in the brain. When looking at levels of this mineral in sufferers, these studies showed that patients had a significant drop just before a migraine. Some migraine sufferers appeared to have a general lack of magnesium in their bodies.

Two groups that seem to benefit the most from this supplement are women going through their menstrual cycle and young children. Doses up to 600 milligrams of magnesium seem to do an excellent job of curbing migraines.  

Magnesium has proven to be so effective for pregnant women battling migraines that the European Federation of Neurological Societies approved magnesium as a standard treatment for the affliction.

Forever Living Calcium is one of the best supplements that take care of this.

It is an ultra-dense Calcium Cit-rate  formula that supplies your body with hundred percent of the daily recommended dietary intake intake calcium.

Calcium tablets contain 1000 mg of calcium combined with vitamin D and magnesium. 


Studies show that coenzyme Q10 significantly reduces migraines in people when compared to a placebo. Regular doses of 100 milligrams can show results, which makes CoQ10 supplementation an affordable treatment option. After a few days of using this supplement, patients noticed up to a 50 percent reduction in migraines. This treatment was also tested on children and saw similar benefits.



Butterbur has become more popular in recent years due to several studies that showed a significant correlation between taking it and reducing migraines. Studies were conducted on both adults and children and showed positive results for both groups. People who took as little as 75 milligrams twice a day saw reduced pain and frequency of migraines.

Butterbur contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA), which can be toxic if taken in high enough doses. Patients who take this supplement must make sure to get it from a reputable source and that it has a limited amount of these alkaloids. On the label, it should read “PA-free,” which means that it will be safe for regular consumption.



Studies on feverfew for migraine headaches are mixed. It seems that ingesting this ingredient when it’s as fresh as possible appears to have a better effect than when it is in capsule form in terms of treating migraine headaches.

When feverfew was first tested in the United Kingdom, participants claimed that the results were not as good as when they took bites of the plant from their home gardens. People who grow feverfew themselves can benefit from ingesting some of the leaves on a regular basis. Migraine patients who take it in pill form may have varying results.

Eating feverfew in its natural form can cause mouth sores in patients. While this side effect is not severe or dangerous, it can be unappealing for many people. Compared to overall numbers of people who took feverfew, this adverse reaction is relatively minor.

In several studies, patients who took feverfew as a supplement for a long period of time pointed out that they experienced withdrawal symptoms as soon as they stopped. Doctors should discuss this possible side effect when they suggest feverfew as a possible treatment regimen for migraine headaches.


Stress Management

For many sufferers, migraines are brought about mostly because of stress. Managing and controlling stress levels can reduce the frequency and severity of migraines. Doctors may recommend an appropriate stress-reducing regimen as a complementary therapy to standard treatments.You can also go for this Forever Living products packaged for stress management and you will surely get happier you do.

However, when it comes to stress management, integrative medicine practitioners keep an open mind to the patient’s well-being when it comes to possible treatments. People should go with what works and what is most comfortable for them when it comes to relieving stress for migraine headaches.


Breathing Exercises

Stress may come from an overwhelming feeling of too much work, a lot of responsibilities or financial difficulties. Whatever the reason, patients can find quick relief by performing breathing exercises anytime and anywhere. One simple exercise involves breathing deeply in and then deeply out three times in a row. People can try inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth as a way to concentrate on the act of breathing.

Breathing exercises help increase oxygen in the blood, and that, in turn, helps with several biological processes in the brain that reduce feelings of stress. People should learn to master these exercises by practicing them regularly, even when they are not stressed. Over time, patients perform breathing exercises out of habit.


Tai Chi

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese martial art form that combines deep breathing, graceful movements and relaxation. Not only does it help the human body focus on the present moment, but it increases oxygen to the blood while helping the body go through low-impact exercises. Although information is limited on the effectiveness of tai chi for migraines, patients in a small randomized study experienced a better quality of life when compared to migraine sufferers on a waiting list for tai chi classes.



While not everyone is open to the idea of meditating, those that are say that it helps them in a variety of ways. Patients who take the time to clear their minds and re-center themselves means that they can manage their emotions better, including when stress starts to creep into their mind. There are many different meditation methods, so patients have a wide range of options to find the right fit. Mindfulness meditation, yoga and transcendental meditation are all options for patients who suffer from migraine headaches.


Milky Oat Seed

Patients who seem to have trouble mastering breathing or meditation techniques, there are some extracts they can take that achieve the same effect. These supplements are not designed for migraines specifically, but rather as a way to help people manage stress. Thus, taking care of one problem can help alleviate another.

In this case, milky oat seed which Forever  B12 contains can help people calm down and relax, thus making someone more capable of managing stress. Some people even describe it as meditation in a bottle. Best of all, it is completely safe for all users because milky oat seed has no adverse side effects.


Learn Various Triggers

One of the benefits of integrative medicine is that it looks at the whole picture of a patient’s health to see the problem from a more comprehensive angle. Even if someone looks for migraine treatments specifically, they could actually be a result of something else going on in the body. That means that if the patient can pinpoint different triggers that cause migraines, that person can start to eliminate them. Eliminating triggers leads to better migraine management without having to take as much medication or supplements.

While everyone is different, here are some common triggers that could lead to more frequent migraines.

  • Stress
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of sleep
  • Emotional stress
  • Different foods
  • Menopause
  • Menstruation
  • Hormone treatments or therapy
  • Environmental factors (such as pollution)



When doctors determine the best course of treatment for migraines, it’s hugely important for patients to keep a migraine diary to look at when they happen, how often they happen and what could be causing them. Once people discover their triggers, then doctors can tailor a treatment plan to the individual to give people the best results.

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