Acne is a common skin disease especially in teenagers. However, adult acne is not rare either. Acne usually shows when the nature of the skin is changed either because of bacterial colonization of the skin surface or androgen-induced changes in the sebaceous follicles.

The first signs of acne are the lesions. In mild to moderate acne, seborrhea, comedones, papules and pustules are the first to appear. These are also commonly known as red, scaly skin, whiteheads, blackheads, pinheads and pimples.

In severe cases of acne, the papules could become bigger and form nodules. In addition, inflamed bumps on the skin may turn into acne cysts. When nodules and cysts are aggravated they may cause acne scars.

Acne starts in most people as soon as puberty. Ideally, it should have cleared away or reduced tremendously by age 25 when the oily teenage skin is replaced by the dry adult skin.

However, the hormonal imbalance and bacterial cause of acne may extend the skin condition well into middle age

Causes of Acne

In young people, especially in their teens, the level of production of male sex hormones or androgens is increased. These excess androgens can change the nature of the skin leading to increased sebum production and hyperkeratinization.

Examples of androgens which can cause this change are testosterone and its metabolites such as dihydrotestosterone or DHT. When acne breaks out during pregnancy, menstrual cycles or menopause, it is usually because of hormonal imbalances.

For example, during menopause, the production of estradiol may fall. This female sex hormone is a natural anti-acne compound, and when it is no longer produced, androgens will dominate.

Other causes of hormonal imbalance which can lead to acne include birth control pills especially ones which do not contain estrogen; certain diseases such as Cushing’s syndrome and polycystic ovarian syndrome; and some forms of hormone replacement therapy.

For the bacterial cause of acne, two bacteria are implicated. These are Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus epidermis.

While there are beneficial strains of P. acnes living on the surface of healthy skin, harmful strains of the bacterium can change the nature of the skin enough to cause acne especially when S. epidermis is also present.

There are different medications that can be used to treat acne. Some of them kill off the acne-causing bacteria, some correct hormonal imbalance and others keep the skin pores unclogged while clearing acne lesions.

Herbal extracts can treat acne by any combination of these three mechanisms. They share the distinct advantage of having very few side effects if any. They are also affordable and backed by years of use in traditional medicine in different cultures.

Aloe is an excellent example of such herbal extract. After centuries of use as a herbal remedy, it continues to be used for treating skin diseases even today.

How scarring is formed;

Scarring can develop after severe cases of acne, or when the acne pimples has been forcibly picked or scratched. Scars are the result of the fibrous tissue which formed on the skin so as to repair other broken tissues. When there is an injury, our body produces these tissues to restore as quickly as possible the wounded skin site.

Of course, the primary purpose of our body is to close the wounded skin site, to prevent further infections without bothering at all about aesthetics. The cell that our body produces are not identical to the original corrupted cells. And thus scars formed.

How The Skin Care Treatment Help Get Rid of Acne

Skin care treatment contains essential ingredients that help fight pollution, free radicals and other irritants that clog up the pores. Aloe Vera, the primary ingredients of Forever Living skin care products offer a natural relief to different types of skin diseases including acne. FLP wide range of skin care product effectively counteracts the harsh effect of the environment and unhealthy lifestyle.


Anne from UK used Forever Living Products Aloe Vera for Acne and claimed it was beneficial, within the week.

“Forever living propolis cream has changed my life! I discovered this about 5 months ago when after years of suffering from break outs on my face I thought lets give this a try. I was amazed, within a few days my skin had improved dramatically. My spots cleared up without leaving the scarring they usually did. My skin looked smoother and in glowing. I am 38 years old and suffered from spots when I hit my mid twenties, they would come and take ages to go down. Now I only get the occasional one spot here and there and it goes so much quicker. For the first time since my teens I no longer have to wear foundation and this is a big change for me!! I only wore the stuff because my skin tone was uneven and spotty (which of course the foundation would make worse). Now I feel my skin can breathe, is fresh and has a lovely colour again. This is a miracle to me!! ”

“My recommendation to anyone who suffers from spots and has a dull skin complexion to buy this cream now!”

“I am an 18 year-old who has suffered with acne for the past 3 years. It has been so bad that I resorted to being prescribed courses of antibiotics to be taken throughout the winter. Although this did clear the acne up I wasn’t allowed to take the tablets in the summer because of an adverse reaction with sunlight and by the following winter they were back with a vengeance.

This winter my mother joined FLP and started me on Bee Propolis and Garlic Thyme tablets as well as Forever Freedom because I had a long-standing knee injury. To begin with I was very skeptical and keen to go back on the antibiotics, but my mother made me promise to give the tablets a real chance. I can honestly say that over the last two months I have noticed a big difference and I do not need to be persuaded to continue with the tablets.

Also, I am having physiotherapy for my knee injury and the Forever Freedom does seem to be speeding my recovery”

L. Rees from England used Forever Living Products Aloe Vera for Acne and claimed it was beneficial, within the month.

“I lived with acne all my life and had given up hope of finding a solution. I’d tried numerous high street products and been prescribed all the common acne drug treatments. None of them made any appreciable difference and in the case of several of the pharmaceutical products, I suffered quite severe side effects. However, within just a couple of weeks of drinking Aloe Vera Gel and using Aloe Propolis Crème as a moisturiser on a daily basis, my skin began to recover and I’ve experienced a 90% improvement within a couple of months. ”

“It’s nothing short of a minor miracle and I’d recommend that anyone with skins problems of any kind give these products a try.”



Forever aloe liquid soapA rich, luxurious, pH balanced moisturizing hand and face cleanser that leaves the skin feeling clean, smooth and silky. Rich in 100% stabilized aloe vera gel with ‘no-tears’ surfactants and conditioners which makes it perfect for infant and young children as well. Aloe Liquid Soap provides a thick and soft lather that is easy to remove. Yet, it is very effective for removing dirt, make-up, grease and excessive oil.

Unlike many bar soaps, Aloe Liquid Soap cleans without drying the skin and does not cause irritation. I would recommend Aloe Liquid Soap not only for hand and face but use it for the whole body, especially for intim parts for women and men as well. Excellent for those who have sensitive skin or have bad skin condiotion like eczema, psoriasis or just very dry skin.


Excellent as a skin moisturizer and conditioner, Aloe Propolis Creme is a rich blend of stabilized Aloe Vera Gel and Bee Propolis, with other ingredients recognized for their contribution to healthy skin.

Who but Forever Living Products could produce a moisturizer as unique as Aloe Propolis Creme? Combining our world leadership in Aloe Vera and beehive products, Aloe Propolis Creme is one of our most popular skin care products.


Forever Garlic-Thyme. Two powerful antioxidants that assist good health and may help with the effects of acne, blood pressure, colds, flu, chest infections and sinusitis. The benefits of garlic supplements may reduce cholesterol and acts as a natural decongestant. Contains allicin – a powerful antibacterial agent.

Bringing together two historically beneficial herbs into one great formula, Forever Garlic-Thyme offers an odourless softgel that is the equivalent of 1,000 milligrams of fresh garlic, which has been shown in studies to maintain health and immunity.

The dietary uses of garlic and thyme have been traced back thousands of years. An Egyptian papyrus dating from 1,500BC listed 22 healthy uses for garlic. Today, we are starting to understand how they work.


Contains all of the vitamins, minerals, amino acid and enzymes found in our Aloe Vera Gel, plus the added benefits of cranberry and apple. It contains vitamin A and C as well as potassium and pectin. It detoxifies the skin. It is useful for maintaining collagen in the skin.


In reality, treating acne through nutrition is a more effective approach as the disease because that helps to tackle the problem from the inside; that is where bee pollen acne remedy comes into play.

Bee pollen is a food supplement extracted from the legs and bodies of honeybees; this “super food” has been used for ages in treating several ailments like diabetes, infertility, allergies and even cancer among numerous other conditions.

Scientifically, bee pollen is composed of many vital nutrients that are beneficial to human health in many ways like boosting blood formation and circulation; other bee pollen benefits include enhancement of metabolism and immune system stimulation.

It is also an effective treatment for acne because it helps the body resist acne’s effects by stimulating skin cell renewal through high concentration of nucleic acids (specifically DNA and RNA); it also helps to nourish the skin as well as heal acne scars.

In fact, the Chinese have been using this special nutritional supplement to treat skin conditions like rashes, eczema, psoriasis and acne. Using bee pollen acne treatment will not only help clear your breakouts, it may also help to prevent premature aging of your skin. This is because bee pollen is also proven to be a useful source of antioxidants; hence, it helps the body get rid of free radicals that harm healthy skin cells and cause premature aging.

The products have the prestigious Kosher Seal (which makes it acceptable to the Jews. The Jews don’t take anything that isn’t 100% natural. Infact, they don’t even take bread with yeast! They believe in no additives.


It has other seals including the Halal and Islamic seals as well.
(These are Seals of highest form of purity including our own NAFDAC in Nigeria).

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