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Lots of people are asking me how to grow their network marketing biz quickly I have always said to everyone that joins me that this is a 2-5 year plan… If you do it quicker, greatHat’s off to you But this is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’ – it took me 5 years to have a solid business where I can retire if I choose to.

Let me break it down

Usually the first 6 months to a year is all internal growth. You make some money but usually not enough to live on You are learning and growing mentally within the company. Some people do pretty well within 6 months and reach a position that matches the average full time income but some don’t, so don’t worry about it if you don’t! The only way for network marketing to not work for you is for you to simply quit. That is something that will eat you alive for many years so you might as well give it your all for 2-5 years!

If you are getting in with the attitude that “I will see what happens and if it doesn’t work after a year then I will move on, then please do NOT join All you are going to do is waste your time and money and just be frustrated all the time! Then you will go off and tell others network marketing doesn’t work. Don’t join if that is your attitude so you don’t go and steal other people’s dreams. Your attitude needs to be “this has to work because I am HUNGRY I will do whatever it takes to get the job done”. That is the attitude of the people who make big money in network marketing.

By year 2 if you have been sharing your products/services and opportunity 4-5 times a week every week then you should be on your way to becoming one of the top people within your company. It doesn’t take long once things start to happen but remember after 3 months if nothing is happening then don’t quit because you haven’t really gotten started yet. The first two years you are still in the infant stage of knowing network marketing.

Do you realise that if it took you 1 full year to find 2-3 people who will run with you and you did that 3 years in a row, you will be one of the top paid people within your company? If you ask most top leaders how many growing ‘legs’ they have, most will tell you they have around 5-8 growing legs that got them where they are with 3-4 of that being huge legs.

Many people think you have to bring on a load of leaders in order for that to happen. You may have to bring on 30-50 people or more in order to find 5-8 who will run but once you find them then look out…. 5-8 people will take you to new heights. Should you stop there? Of course not! but I am just trying to show you that it doesn’t take many people to change your business. Just remember 3-4 growing legs will change your life and 5-8 growing legs will make you very wealthy! I always tell my leaders work deep and wide within their teams.

– Natalie Heeley


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