The Opportunity

My name is Oluwole Adedayo Onakanmi, a business owner with forever living product. Our business as to do with all natural products. We have over 200 products ranging from skin care, person care, supplements, beauty products, energy drinks, bee hive products and many more. And most of it are aloe based grown in a natural way. A full grown one takes about 4 years and guess what, we have the best of the aloes, its called “Aloe Barbadensis Miller” and our company as the biggest plantation in the world, grown in Texas, Dominican republic and Mexico. The aloe itself has more than 75 nutritional compounds and has existed for more than 2000 years now. Sometimes, its called the miracle plant.

Source of income
What we do really is to replace all the listed products above with what we presently use at home and the company has a way of repaying us cash back upon usage and also when we recommend, that’s even apart from its sales which is another source of income. Our company also has a beauty school that helps train people on how to do makeup and also on weight management and awards an international certificate. Therefore giving you the opportunity to do makeup and weight management as a business anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, there are various incentives such as; free travel for you and a partner of yours, earn incentives which allows you to earn a brand new car or whatsoever ever you wish to turn the gift too and then the chairman’s bonus which is done at each global rally.
The chairman’s bonus is the profit share of the company and enables each distributors that qualify to get a share out of it. And recently just got back from South Africa where we had our global rally.
New Products
The company comes out with new products from time to time in other to give people the best quality product for usage employing the best standards in the world, which has its various certifications and seal of approval (when we are not coming into this world the second time, why then use chemicalised products that results into so many issues we have in our world today), so never rest on their past successes. And recently, the company has been able to lunched some new products especially those we used for travelling (in other to travel lighter and still use the best of the best for your body) and for gift items at parties, birthdays and other top quality functions. Others are weight management products, natural sweetener and many others.
Our Next Eagles Trip
From now to next year April ending, we are going for another trip which is an exclusive boat cruise to 3 different cities in 3 different countries namely Barcelona, Rome and Monte Carlo. Its a trip that no one should miss. I am ready to work with you and show you what you need to do to be on that trip which is a fully paid for trip for Two. In aiming for the trip, you will get qualified for all the other incentives. In our team, we also have so many other great mentors that i can introduce you to, that would be more than ready and willing to hold you by the hand and show you exactly what they did to start earning 6 figures monthly.

“Will you be ready to make this dream come true” 



You may wish to get further information about me and what we do by visiting my Facebook page “Tovic gold” or my whatsapp number +2348060002990 and you might also want to get in touch with us on any other areas you might need clarifications on.

Whilst i await doing business with you, I will like to wish you a pleasant day.

God bless.


Oluwole Onakanmi

C.E.O at Tovic Gold