Forever Aloe First is a perfect first step for repairing the skin. Formulated base of stabilised aloe vera gel, Aloe First contains bee propolis, allantoin and 11 exclusive plant extracts. The combination of aloe and herbs provide a naturally soothing, pH-balanced spray that is easy to apply to even sensitive skin. Aloe First is designed to repair and keep the skin in good shape.

The benefits of Aloe First:

  • Every bathroom cabinet should have one
  • Protects hair in sun and against chlorine damage
  • Excellent after-sun
  • Soothes the skin
  • Easy to apply
  • Bee propolis in Aloe First increases the natural skin soothing and cleansing properties of the aloe vera gel.
  • Allantoin is a beneficial ingredient found in many plants, including aloe.

Aloe First is also being sprayed on hair to help ward off the elements. It is even used in hair salons as a pre-perm solution as it helps combat the drying effects of perming solutions.


Apply liberally to the skin as needed.


keep out of reach of kids and do not apply Aloe First to the eye.

Product Users’ Testimonies:
After spending a few too many hours in the sunshine last weekend, I discovered Aloe First makes the most amazing after-sun lotion I have ever tried. Pop it in the fridge for that extra cooling effect. By the next day, any traces of sunburn had totally disappeared. This product really is a summer must-have! – Eve Morgan

I always get terrible prickly heat when I go on holiday but this year I applied Aloe First liberally every day after sunbathing and didn’t suffer from prickly heat at all. – Gaynor Dixon

Aloe First acts as an excellent base moisturiser. Spray it all over and youll find the creams and lotions go into the skin a lot easier, plus smaller amounts are needed. – Kicki Neely

My top tip is to relieve dry, brittle hair especially African and Caribbean hair. Spray Aloe First onto a shaft of hair and or the scalp, to protect hair when undoing braids or combing out knots this great to reduce hair breakage. For easy use and to put in your handbag pour some into a small spray pump bottle. – Choniso Chasi

My daughter loves swimming but prefers to keep her hair long, so it tangles all the time. We started to use Aloe First as a detangler and hair protector from the chlorine and the sun. Her hair looks healthy, straight and no more tears! – Angela Nowak


We  strongly recommend Aloe First spray  for every household. It is the perfect solution to any kind of skin problems.



Contents: 473ml (16fl oz). Use within 12 months of opening.


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