Indulge yourself with ALOE BODY TONING KIT, a body wrap designed to help trim, tone and tighten, minimizing the appearance of cellulite. European herbal complexes and natural warming agents are your “secret weapons” in the war against the unsightly appearance of cellulite.

What is Cellulite?

persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin, especially on women’s hips and thighs.

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– Effective stomach, belly, waist and tummy wraps

– Help trim, tone and tighten, minimizing the appearance of cellulite

– The Aloe Body Toning Kit includes:

  • Aloe Bath Gelée (8.5 fl oz)
  • Aloe Body Toner (4 fl oz)
  • Aloe Body Conditioning Creme (4 fl oz)
  • Loofah and plastic wrap

The Short-listed Products are also sold separately.

Aloe Bath Gelée: Thoroughly cleans the skin. This refreshing emulsion can be used either while taking a bath or while taking a shower. It prefers your skin for a treatment with the Aloe Body Toner.

Aloe Body Toner: Firms and improves the skin’s condition. This moisturizing cream is rich of spices. It effectively warms the skin and helps fight cellulite.

Aloe Body Conditioning Creme: smoothes and softens the skin. The cream has the ability to stimulate the blood circulation. Consolidated waste products, fat and liquids in the connective tissue can thus be drifted.

Loofah: stimulates the blood circulation of the skin and helps remove dead skin cells.

Plastic wrap: covers the skin and keeps it warm so to allow the skin tissue fully absorb the components of the toner.

Treat your body to what it deserves, and look your very best with this superior collection – FOREVER’s ALOE BODY TONING KIT.




STEP 1 – Cleanse with Aloe Bath Gelée and loofah

Enjoy the luxurious experience with Aloe Bath Gelée. Cleanse, exfoliate, massage, enrich, revitalize, and relax with our exclusive Aloe Bath Gelée and loofah. Apply Aloe Bath Gelée to loofah and work into a rich lather by massaging the skin in a gentle motion. For best result, use daily to give your skin a soft touch and a smooth glow.

STEP 2 – Mark and Measure

It is recommended that you keep a record of your measurements to track inch loss. Before the toning process, lay a tape measure flat against your skin and mark your skin above and below the measuring tape using a permanent felt-tip pen. The marks serve as a guide to help you measure accurately. After the toning process is complete, placing the tape measure between the marks and measure again.

STEP 3 – Apply Aloe Body Toner

Prior to application of the Aloe Body Toner, test a small patch of skin for allergic reactions. If after 24 hours no itching or redness occurs, then smooth over the areas you wish to tone. The Aloe Body Toner contains warming agents that help stimulate effect on the skin. You may apply more toner to increase these effects.

STEP 4 – Apply Plastic Wrap

Wrap the plastic wrap around the areas where Toner has been applied. Do not wrap the following areas: FACE, NECK, CHEST, SHOULDERS, FOREARMS, CALVES or GENITAL AREAS. For your safety, the Aloe Body Toning Kit should be used only on the upper arms, abdomen and thighs. You may apply a second layer of plastic wrap if desired.

Leave the wrap in place for approximately one hour while in a relaxed position. Do not engage in any strenuous physical activity and do not fall asleep. Use blunt-tip scissors to remove the used plastic wrap. Placing the tape measure between the marks and measure again. Subtract the total from the original measurements – the difference represents your overall inch loss. Massage in any remaining Aloe Body Toner left on the skin.

Maintenance – Aloe Body Conditioning Creme

Use between body wraps – Aloe Body Conditioning Creme is the ideal complement to Aloe Body Toner for keeping your body feeling smooth and supple. It can be used as a maintenance cream when no wrapping is involved. When used between body wraps, apply Aloe Body Conditioning Creme to the entire body to achieve smooth and glowing skin. These complementary elements of the Body Toning Kit, together with dieting and regular exercise, can help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Use during body wrap – During the toning process, apply cream directly to the skin on areas not wrapped. The Aloe Body Conditioning Creme is effective in stimulating circulation, breaking up trapped fluids and fatty tissues. Do not apply cream to irritated or newly shaved skin. Do not use immediately after bathing. Do not apply to the face, breasts, genital areas or mucous membranes. Avoid contact with the eyes. Rinse liberally with warm water in case of skin irritation or reaction.

Wash your hands immediately after use. Close lid tightly and keep out of the reach of children.

General Notes: Follow the wrapping procedure according to your desire to tighten up or slim down. On skin with long-term fat storage, the effect will be less visible due to the fact that fatty deposits turn hard once stored under the skin for a while. For maximum effect and a long-term benefit, proper diet and regular exercise will be required. Body wrapping may also bring less benefit to those with firm muscle tone.

People who benefit the most from body wrapping are likely those who have gained weight over a short period of time or who have loose muscle tone. You may apply the wrapping procedure safely two or three times in the first week, following with decreasing frequency in subsequent weeks.

It is normal to feel thirsty after the toning process, as water has been lost within the body. It is recommended that you drink more water to enhance metabolism and accelerate the elimination of water and fat.


Do not use Toning Kit if you are pregnant, have had recent surgery, or if you have certain medical conditions including heart disease, phlebitis or circulatory problems. Test a small patch of skin to check for allergic reaction before use.


When using Toner and Conditioning Creme:

  • Wash your hands immediately after use.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Do not use on face, breasts or genital areas.
  • If skin irritation or reaction occurs, rinse with water immediately.
  • Do not use on irritated or newly shaved skin.
  • Keep plastic wrap out of the rich of children




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